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Sound Clips


The pedal is recorded by Lehnert via a Jam Man looper & a Shure mic close to
a 2x12" cabinet with Celestion Vintage 30's.
GoGo sits in between the guitar and a Rambler 50 amp with a little reverb in the loop.
The guitar has a strat mic in neck position and a low power humbucker at the bridge.

bypass neck
blue neck
red neck

bypass neck&bridge
blue neck&bridge

red neck&bridge

bypass lick
blue lick
red lick


Rambler 25W

The sound clips are recorded by Lehnert
in an casual manner with a Shure Unidyne 545 microphone
connected to a Plll-450 PC with a E-Mu soundcard.

Clean Strat
Strat Strut
Strat w gain

The following sound clips comes from Kristoffer Kuusakoski in Helsinki.
He plays an old nice Les Paul Special with Lindy Fralin AlNiCo pickups.

He has a Rambler Combo with Power Scaling & a Celestion Century Vintage speaker.

Clean LP
LP grit

The recordings are made with an AT 4300 condenser microphone and
an external MOTO 828 mkll soundcard connected to a

Kristoffer  playing his Rambler with Power Scaling


Next recording is made and performed by Per Ulfhielm
Recorder: Zoom 1266 hard-disc machine.
Guitar: Warmoth Hollow-Tele with one humbucker & a P-90 (neck).
The Rambler top (below) feeds a 2x12" cabinet with Celestion Century Vintage speakers.

P90 Blues
Clean preamp, Bass 12 o'clock, treble 2 o'clock.
Effects: Fulltone OCD - High peak on, gain 9 o'clock, tone 12 o'clock
and an analog delay in the loop.

Here is a nice piece performed and recorded by Agi.
Downhill home
Agi Plays a Greco Strat with Lindy Fralin pickups &
a Rambler "Woodie" with a Jensen C12 Q speaker.

Peavey Windsor by Lehnert sounds

Here a few sound clips on the modded version
(With a little reverb in the loop)

Blues style1: Strat, neck pos. mic. Fiddling with volume on guitar
Blues style2: Strat, neck pos. mic. Fooling around w. guitar volume knob
Almost all way up: with a humbucker in bridge pos.