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3rd april 2014

Ohyess, you will find Lehnertamps at Fuzz Guitar Show 2014!

We have some new products to present & new pricing, up to 30% less!

15th Oct 2013

The Great Scandinavian Guitar Show 2013


På "Frysen" i Stockholm 26-27 oktober där Lehnert Amps visar höstnyheter efter sommarens forskningsskörd!
nya modeller: Minor 30 (som prototypvisades i Gbg i våras), Rambler 30PS & Rambler 50PS, Samtliga med Power Scaling.
Minor 30 testades i sommarnumret av Gitarrtidningen Fuzz och kan läsas på webben via denna länk.

Vi visar & demar även Taydens fina högtalarelement, hand assembled in UK vilka passar utmärkt till alla fina förstärkare.
Köper ni något av oss på mässan bjuder vi på entrén!


21th apr 2013

Lehnert Amps håller på traditionen & ställer ut på Fuzz Guitar show.
Lehnert presenterar nyheter som bl a Minor 30 Power Scaling & Rambler 50W HiGain!



Lehnert Amps ställer ut sin vana trogen på Fuzz Guitar show.
Samtidigt har Lehnert Rambler 30W Steeltop blivit väl recenserad i tidningen Fuzz nr 3 maj 2012 (ute nu!)



New twinboost footswitch option
for Lehnert Rambler amps!

Blue boost emphasizes the mids.
Orange boost broadens the sound.

May 21-22th 2011
The FUZZ Guitar Show in Gothenburg is our tradition.
We will show new & current designs to all interested visitors.



May 10th 2010
The FUZZ Guitar Show in Gothenburg was a true magic event.
We had the opportunity to launch our new developed kits of our Rambler 12.5 & 30W heads.
there was a huge interest & we will soon offer these through partners outside Sweden.

Lehnert Amps At FUZZ Guitar Show, Welcome!

Lehnert Rambler Now with Reverb!
Lehnert Amps now offers reverb in our amps (and retrofits).The reverb is tube driven & has no spring tank.
It sounds very good (of course!) operated with a single knob at the back of the amp.
The reverb goes through a side chain in the amp and mixes with the unaffected signal path.


Peavey by Lehnert 100W head

Peavey Windsor by Lehnert 100W Head
Lehnert Amps offers a limited run of what once were a Windsor head.

In the Lehnert-modded version the amp sounds just about what it probably was ment to and a little more:

The preamp volume starts with a real clean (and a good) sound if you like.
From there to a crunch that keeps the tone together without fizzes and bad tails.
Then a singing lead tone with british accent and excellent touch sensitivity.

Everything cleans up very nicely when you turn the guitar volume down.

Rambler Minor 10 & 35W Combo

Lehnert Minor is a 35W 1x12" Combo with a
light-weight cabinet.

Minor has a few knobs: Drive, High, Low & Volume.
Minor is developed with the swedish guitarist Staffan Astner.

The 10W combo version has 1x12" Jensen or 1x10" Celestion speaker giving you moderate power with 2x 6V6 power tubes. All in a nice & neat package.





Lehnert Amps line presentation at Fuzz Guitar Show in Gothenburg apr-09 from left:

Lehnert Rambler 50W Combo 1ch, 2x12" Celestion Century Vintage
Lehnert Rambler 25W Combo 1ch, 1x12" Celestion V30, Powerscaling
Lehnert Minor 25W Combo 1ch, 1x12" Celestion
Lehnert GoGo pedals
Lehnert 8W Combo (small box)1ch, 1x10" Celestion V10
Lehnert Roaster 20W head 1ch, Power Scaling
Lehnert Avant Garde speaker cab, 1x10" Celestion V10